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Management Information Systems IT - MIS

LFU was licensed in September 2007 by the Kurdish Regional Government (decree 2342). Classes are offered at the BA and Master’s levels. The university is backed by foreign institutions, including the French state universities of Amiens and Nimes. LFU benefits from foreign programs and foreign teachers exchanges. LFU offers modern educational facilities located on its new 50,000 square meters Erbil campus.



MIS: the program focuses on advanced Information systems and covers systems design and engineering. Offered to computer studies and engineering graduates. Program is conducted with the French state Université de Picardie Jules Verne Amiens; French degree prepared: Master's in Management Information Systems (MIAGE)


Duration: program duration is 2 years. Courses are offered either in morning or in late afternoon-evening sessions depending on availability and on student preference.

Language of studies: courses are conducted mostly in English except for local Law related courses (candidates with languages deficiencies are to take remedial courses).

Graduation: to be eligible for the Master’s degree a student must complete all educational requirements during a minimum of 4 semesters. He must have achieved a minimum average of 10 over 20 in each course and over the program. Before graduation, 12 weeks of internship must have been completed. An Individual Research must be submitted, discussed and accepted.

Detailed rules & regulations are found in the Student Booklet.

Date: 09-Dec-2013
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