LFU Corporate Training

The LFU Continuing Education & Training section provides a variety of noncredit courses and programs to help individuals learn new skills and enhance their career.

We can customize any program to meet any organization's specific development needs in alignment with their business or public challenges. Courses can be based on anyof our listed open programs or developed specifically for any private oganization or public institution.


Accounting & Finance Program

Modules in this program provide participants with the accounting & financial fundamentals in a stimulating and easy-to-follow maner. Participants will discover the importance of numbers and how they relate to corporate objectives without dying of boredom. Subjects are taught through a number of key presentations reinforced with relevant case studies and exercises.


Banking & Insurance Programs

Banking is a competitive business. Market share and brand recognition alone aren't enough to attract and retain customers. Based onthis, the primary objective of courses included in this category is building the knowledge and the human resource skills base while enhancing the competency of personnel serving in this sector. Topics are taught in a very interactive manner with a substantial focus on role plays and case studies.


Sales & Marketing Programs

Courses in this category provide participants with the opportuniy to develop and refine their selling, marketing and customr service techniques and skills. They focus on models, tools and best practices for creating new value with customers, assuring the delivery of superior value in a distinctive way and developing sustainable relationships with customers.


Management Programs

Courses in this category are designed to provide participants with the latest management best pratices essential for success in the modern corporate world. They are highly interactive and address a wide range of management challenges and activities,thus enbling participants to make significant contributions inthe workplace.


Human Resources Management  Programs

Today's organizations demand that the HR function provides a real value-added service, thus requiring a sharp business focus and te delivery of integrated HR systems. Courses in this category are a major opportunity for participants to review, reflect and refocus on their existing practices and gain a more comprehensive overview of modern human resource management.


Assistantship & Administration

Courses in this category focus on the unique role of the assistant in the context of today's chaotic business environment. They will help participants identify the challenges they face, better understand themselves and their development needs while giving them some new ideas on how to enhance their professional life and that of their boss.


Personal Development

Courses in this category focus on the individual's personal, professional and organizational values and actions. They will help participants focus on what they, their team members and colleagues as well as their organizations do best and how they can do more of that. 


Hospitality & Tourism

The Hospitality and Tourism career skill sets will transform participants into succssful operators of hospitality and tourism establishments with a perfect mastery of regulatory compliance requirements, houskeeping practices, hospitality accounting and information management systems, seasonal tourism and F&B production.


Computer Training

Programs included in this section provide hands-on training in the different levels of essential computer oprations required in today's job market.


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