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The Lebanese French University will see its 2011-2012 enrollment of select students grow beyond the 1,000 mark.

Thanks to the nature of its programs and selection, many LFU students are esteemed members of the local business and administrative community. Many are high ranking civil servants, many others are in leading positions in some of the best private companies of the Region.

LFU has already had more than 250 students graduating with a French state university Master’s in Business Administration (104 in 2009, 154 in 2010). This year, about 140 Master’s students should be granted the French internationally accredited degree.

In 2011, LFU will also see its first batch of Bachelor students receiving their French BA degree from the University of Amiens, as well as the Bachelor degree granted by the Lebanese French University.

During their BA or Master’s programs, LFU students benefit from the excellence of French national university programs, as well as from the teachings and methodology of frequently visiting French professors.

This French-Kurdish-Iraqi cultural exchange is pursued till the end of the program, through the visit conducted by the students to their French university. In the past years, with the help of the French consulates in Erbil and Baghdad, about 145 participated to a cultural trip that took them to Amiens and France. Many were accompanied by family members.

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