Student projects

Bachelor Graduation Project (GP) – Bachelor Program – 4th year
LFU 4th year Bachelor Students have to submit a Graduation Project before they can actually graduate. The GP is a structured and practical work dealing with specific problems related to the student’s field of specialization. It should not only cover the methods used in the field, but also approach the issue using the theories learned in class or through research.

Professional Project (PP) – Master’s in Business Administration – Years 1 & 2
The Professional Project is a group work in a field relative to International Management or Management & e-Business. It is a formalization of the knowledge, know-how and skills acquired during the Master’s program.

The student group has to transform into a project an idea (real or fictitious) related to management in an international context (1st year) or management & e-business (2nd year). He has to present it at the end of the year in front of a jury (with a PowerPoint show). The group will be evaluated on the capacity of its members to professionally convince the jury of the form and substance of the project.

The student group will have to demonstrate the mastery by each of its members of concepts and tools related to their field of specialty. The group members will have to show their aptitude to present a professional situation and propose and discuss realistic solutions.

Individual Research Project (IRP) – Master’s Program – 2nd year
The Individual Research Project is an integral part of the Master’s program and is compulsory for graduation. It is independent from the final project needed for the French Master’s degree.
It is a structured research dealing with specific problems in management and should propose relevant tools addressing the problems or issues to be solved.


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